Want To Remove / Block / Bypass Online Survey Pop-Ups?

Miscellaneous,Technologies 23 Nov , 2014  


Last night, I was reading an article in National Geographic, until I was quickly interrupted by an annoying popup asking me to “create a free account” or “sign in.” Really, I’d like to do neither. I just want to read about tree frogs.


One of the challenges of using any website is annoying layers. Earlier websites used to show pop-ups. But these pop-ups were by default blocked by many browsers. To circumvent this limitation, websites started showing layers on the web pages.

Step #1: Visit XJZ Survey Remover.

Step #2: Click on your Chrome’s menu button available at top-right corner and from “Bookmark” menu, click on “Show bookmark bar”.



Step #3: Now, from the website, click and hold the link says XJZ Survey Remover. Drag the link to your bookmark toolbar and drop the link there.



Step #4: Your bookmark is now saved. Its better to name this bookmark, if it hasn’t got one. So right click on your just-created bookmark and from the context menu, click Edit.



Step #5: Through the pop-up window, name this bookmark. Once done, just press “OK”.



On the webpage where surveys are appearing, click on this bookmark to run XJZ Survey Remover. It will automatically scan the web page and remove the survey for you.

Alternatively,  you can install XJZ Survey Remover Addon for Chrome browser which will automatically remove surveys from the web page.

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