TweepsMap: Locate Your Twitter Followers On World Map For Free

Magazine,Technologies 23 Nov , 2014  


twitter-icon-150x150Tweepsmap will map your followers by country, state or city. View as an interactive map, or as an exportable chart. Time zone analysis of your followers to help you identify the best time to Tweet. Language analysis of your followers.

There are a lot of factors which makes your twitter campaign successful. Among all these factors, the location of your twitter followers is very important. There is no use of driving engagement upon your service from those readers who can’t purchase it due to regional limits. So, to encounter this problem and boost engagement from targeted twitter followers, TweepsMap is available for you.

Launched on October 2011, TweepsMap is a free service that lets you locate your Twitter followers on geographic map. For any twitter account, it can show followers by country, state or city using a visual, interactive map. Hence, it can help you to measure effectiveness of your Twitter campaigns by analyzing location of your Twitter followers.

Mapping Twitter followers using TweepsMap is just a piece of cake. All you need to do is just to visit TweepsMap login it through your Twitter account. Within just few seconds, TweepsMap analyze your followers by linking to your account and serve you a map that shows the location of your followers by country, state or city.


By default, it map your followers by country but you can select State/Province or City to map your followers accordingly. You can zoom the map to get more detailed statistic.

“One of the most important aspects of a campaign is to measure location to see where your followers are and if they are engaged or not,” says Samir Al-Battran, founder of TweepsMap. “TweepsMap helps you learn whether you need to adjust your campaign to reach your targeted audience.

He further said ”For individual users, TweepsMap is a fun tool to check out the distribution of their followers and share them on Twitter. For larger organizations, the goal of TweepsMap is to help them measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.”

How you can use this tool effectively?

If you have a blog or website, TweepsMap provides you its widget to add on sidebar, footer or any webpage and showcase the location of your Twitter followers to other readers and attract them to get connected.

TweepsMap will not let you to check only your followers’ location but this free service can map followers for any twitter user. So, if you are planning to buy a sponsored tweet of a big brand to promote your brand/product/service, its better to first map that big brand’s Twitter followers to ensure, your campaign will reach maximum of your targeted users.

One of the challenges that TweepsMap faces is to locate those (less than 10%) followers who only add their country, not city or state. For them, TweepsMap shows Twitter birds only on those countries, rather than the cities.