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Simple AutoSuggestion Searchbox using jQuery Ajax and PHP

16 Feb , 2014  

Hi All, Today we are talking about Autosuggestions . This is all about giving our users more comfort by autosuggestion. It is smart way to let them know that we understand them and their need.. Lets take a example of facebook… it is very easy to navigate to a friends page.. all you need to […]

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Code Sport,Technologies

Username Availability Check with Fast, Small and Simple jQuery Code

14 Feb , 2014  

Hello guys, welcome to a new code recipe on codesupport, Today Im going to show you a very simple and short way of the useravailability check. Number of times we let user know that username is already exist after he submit a complete form, That seems very inconvenientĀ to user to fill the whole form again […]

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Overview of JavaScript Technology – Code Support First Blog

17 Mar , 2013  


Hello Friends, This is my first blog post, and is dedicated to JavaScript Technology, I just wanted to share my knowledge with you… So here’s some history about Javascript… DID YOU KNOW ? JavaScript is a scripting language which was developed in 1995 by Netscape and added to the Netscape Navigator browser in the same […]

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