Want To Remove / Block / Bypass Online Survey Pop-Ups?

23 Nov , 2014  

Last night, I was reading an article in National Geographic, until I was quickly interrupted by an annoying popup asking me to “create a free account” or “sign in.” Really, I’d like to do neither. I just want to read about tree frogs. One of the challenges of using any website is annoying layers. Earlier websites used […]

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Internet Explorer Aborting AJAX Requests Is Now FIXED

16 Sep , 2013  

Hi all, W always face some issues with IE, being a developer their are compatibilities you must follow, I came across a strange issue where the requests were being aborted by IE before the response was finished being delivered. Using Fiddler and Firebug, I was able to see that the request was being made properly, and even […]

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Quick Trick to Convert Your Browser into Text Editer (Notepad)

15 Sep , 2013  

Hi Guys, Have you ever Wondered of using your Browser as your Text Editor ? You can now convert your browser in to a text editor like Notpad . Its working in Modern Browsers. All you need to do is just Type a Web Address and you can type anything you want and use it […]

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