Selling your Facebook, Flickr, Picasa & Instagram Photos Online?

Technologies,Trending 23 Nov , 2014  


If you are a photograph lover, then its a good news for you. You can know earn money from your photograph clicks. Many professional photographers distribute their snapped photographs on photo-sharing websites under Creative Commons license but these licenses are Non-Commercial so you are not allowed to use them on for-profit websites having ads or generate incentives, revenue etc.



So, online photography marketplace ImgEmbed offers a almost free option for you to use stock images for your website. The photo-sharing website lets you to embed any photo available at the marketplace to your website for free and you need to pay only when the impression count for that image will exceed 10,000.

According to ImgEmbed pay-per-view (CPM-based) model, after exceeding the free impression quota of 10,000 impression for an image, website owner can be charged anywhere between $1 to $10 (the amount is set by photograph owner).



Selling your Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Picasa Photos

ImgEmbed don’t only let you to use the images for free or at very low cost but it lets you to make money by adding our photographs. Just add your photographs to this marketplace and you earn a fee when other websites/blogs embed your photographs.

Uploading photos to your profile at ImgEmbed is just a piece of cake. You can either upload photos directly from your computer or import them from your Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or Picasa albums.

Adding images to the marketplace is free of charge. You can add as much images as you want, set your own CPM pricing for the images. In return, ImgEmbed will take a flat commission of 30% on actual sales.

However, it is important to add proper title, description and tags to your photos so that it can be easily discovered through ImgEmbed marketplace.

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