Reserved Keywords, Don’t Use Except Intended Use

Magazine,Technologies 21 Mar , 2013  


urlThe following are keywords and should not be used as variables, functions, methods, or object identifiers, because ECMAScript defines special behavior for them. (Some of these words are actually used in the Java language, and are reserved in JavaScript for compatibility purposes or as possible extensions.)  When choosing names for your JavaScript variables, avoid these reseved words!

break case catch continue
debugger default delete do
else finally for function
if in instanceof new
return switch this throw
try typeof var void
wile with

Words reserved for possible future use :

class enum export
extends import super

And now the time of reserved as future keywords by the ECMAScript specification when they are found in strict mode code, except that let and yield have their traditional Mozilla-specific functionality in code compiled as JavaScript 1.7 or greater:

implements interface let
package private protected
public static yield

Note that while const is reserved as a future keyword by the ECMAScript specification, Mozilla and most other browsers implement it as a non-standard extension that may be standardized in a future version of ECMAScript. Click here to find The use of  Reserved Keywords.

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