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private_browsingFriends Today We will Learn How to Open Browsers in Private Browsing Mode, it simply means That whenever you will start your Browser it will Directly Start in Private Browsing mode,
Sometime we all need to do some private browsing while we are using any public computer for our usage. Private Browsing Prevents your Browser From Saving, Search Results, Browsing History, Cookies and Other Private data . Today we will see How to Enable Private Browsing In following Browsers Every time You start it.
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet explorer

Private Browsing in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is my first personal choice and also is liked by most of us and also Used by Most of us. To enable Private Browsing in Chrome just follow the below simple Steps.

Step 1: In Google Chrome we need to Activate Incognito Mode By default On Start. You can go to settings at the right side of the browser or you can also do this by your keyboard by pressingCtrl+Shift+N for the new tab.
in cognito
above you can do is by Right clicking on the chrome icon

Step 2 : If there is any problem with first Step then Right Click on the Google Chrome Short cut which you use to Launch Google Chrome , either on Desktop, Taskbar or Start menu and Select Properties.  For Taskbar: Right Click on the Chrome icon then right click on Google chrome the click on Properties.


Step 2: Go to Shortcut Tab and Add ” Space character, a dash and the Word incognito ” Exactly as shown in the picture below, then Click on OK. Thats it Now on Google Chrome Will start In Incognito Mode next time you launch Chrome from that Shrotcut.
Private Browser in Firefox.
Firefox is also a very well known browser, we often use it.. Private Browsing in Firefox is easy as it provides the option.
Step 1: Click on Firefox Menu Button and then Select Option >Option
Step 2: Now click the Privacy Icon  and Select ” Never Remember History ” a dialogue box will appear saying Firefox must restart to enable this Feature, Click on OK.
Now on Firefox will never Remember your Browsing History.

 Private Browsing in Internet Explorer.

For doing the Private Browsing in Internet Explorer… Procedure For In Internet explorer is Almost Same As in Google Chrome.
Step 1:  Right click on Internet Explorer Icon in taskbar then again Right Click on Internet Explorer and Click on Properties.
Step 2: Now Click on Shortcut Tab and Add ” Space character, a dash and the Word private ” Exactly as shown in the picture below, then Click on OK
Thats it Internet Explorer Will open In private Browsing Moden next time you Launch Internet Explorer Via that Shortucut.

So those were some Tricks when you login to any private site like gmail, paypal etc.. you can feel safe. Enjoy Private Browsing. 😉

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