New Google reCAPTCHA: The FREE anti-abuse service, Say I’m not a robot with just a Click

Security 4 Dec , 2014  


Yesterday Google introduced a new version of captcha… Now this is really a good news for us, being a developer or any service provider we really don’t want to miss any our our valuable client just because of wrong captcha. Now saying that I am not robot is just a click away. Users would then need to enter the information shown in the box to prove they weren’t robots, which often took multiple attempts. Now, realizing that the dreaded distorted box was in need of an upgrade, Google has released an API called “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA.”

The new version is much simpler and only requires that users check a box that says: “I am not a robot”.


Get reCaptcha Key
Click here to create a Google reCaptcha application.

Register Your Website
Give details of your website, see the below instruction, you need to give domain without http:


And then you will have the keys and that you can apply to your html code.


While the exact technology will not be just handed to the public – that would be just silly – there were hints that it relies on tracking user’s behavior prior to and just after the No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA (yeah, it’s a mouthful) challenge. 

I doubt it’s browser history. I’d say it’s mouse movements, scrolls, time intervals, keystrokes and stuff like that. Bots are still pretty bad at mimicking your behavior. 

Thats all you need, Enjoy friends. Let me know in comments if you are feeling lucky !

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