Introducing SQL Buddy, a web based MySQL Administration tool

Security 18 Sep , 2013  



Hi Everyone, Today I got something new for you, yes its SQL Buddy. Its a web based MySQL Administration tool .

SQL Buddy is a web application with open source software and a web based interface to administer the database MySQL.

I was just installing the latest version of WAMP Server on my system &  found this tool comes with WAMP now, thats was how I encounter this. SQL Buddy is a very simplific & a superfast MySql administration tool.


Although WAMP includes phpMyAdmin which is for similar purpose, they have given SQL Buddy too. Compared to phpMyAdmin, SQL Buddy is a very basic level tool. It provides almost all features of phpMyAdmin but phpMyAdmin is way too much advanced & also heavy in size. Where SQL Buddy is very light weight (1.10MB after extracting).

Here are the main features that make SQL Buddy different from all the other tools in its field –

  • Supported for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 7+ Browsers
  • You have to just unzip the folder on you web server & it’s ready to use.
  • Seriously, the next step is just logging into your MySql User.
  • You can do the most common actions like edit, delete, select all, refresh, query using Keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can download it in total 47 different languages. And they are still working on adding more languages further.
  • It is totally Ajax based, which makes it very fast & user friendly. It’s slim User interface makes everything look very clean & clear.And it also comes with 2 Themes.

Other then these, it has all the Common features that any MySql Admin tool should have, like User Management, Import Export database, Add/Edit/Delete Database, Add/Edit/Delete Table records & so on.

SQL Buddy has recently hit milestone of 50000 downloads and it’s increasing rapidly.

According to other user reviews, It seems that so many people have stopped using phpMyAdmin & started using SQL Buddy.

You can download SQL Buddy from Here.

I hope you like it. Thanks again to Calvin Lough for building this sweet tool for us.

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