Best Ways to Increase battery life of your laptop

Magazine 12 Sep , 2013  


laptop_battery_life-300x300Hi all we all know every laptop or Notebook user these days have the same headache of limited backup time of batteries.  So here I am giving you a solution to Increase battery life of your laptop upto a sufficient extent.

There is an inbuilt command in your computer for improving battery life as well as the performance of the system but not all users are aware of it. Some laptops directly provide an interface with option termed as “ POWER SAVING MODE ” but if your laptop is old or don’t have this feature by default , you need not to worry because you can do the same task manually.

If you have a laptop with Windows 7 installed, you can use the ‘powercfg‘ command . It will display useful information about your laptop’s energy consumption and usage. If you can understand and maintain it correctly then you can extend your Battery life and performance by great amount.

Steps to execute this command :

Step 1: Click on the Start Menu and type “ CMD ” in the Start Search bar.

Step 2: The search will start and it will then display an icon of “ CMD ” . simply right click on it and select Run as administrator.

Step 3: It will open command line, now simply run the command “powercfg -energy” without quotes. (For windows 7 users.)


Simply run the command “powercfg /energy” without quotes. (For windows 8 users.)

Step 4: Now Press “Enter”.

Once you successfully execute this command , Windows will run a complete scan of your system and it will find some ways to improve performance and power efficiency. The results of this process will be saved to an HTML file, which is commonly present in the “System32” folder of most of the systems. Read This file to understand that what program in your system is consuming more power and degrading the performance


Apart from that Following Tricks can also be used for saving the battery of your laptop 😉

1. Dim your screen

Most laptops give you the option of dimming your screen. To ensure long battery life, reduce the brightness of the screen to the lowest possible level which you can work with.

2. Defragment regularly

If your hard drive works very fast and efficiently, there will not be much demand on your laptop battery. It is therefore important to enhance the efficiency of your laptop by defragmenting it as often as possible.

3. Reduce the number of external devices

Things such as WiFi and USB devices (such as the mouse, flash disks, external hard disks, etc.) use up a lot of the laptop battery. You should therefore shut them down or remove them when they are not in use. In addition, your laptop battery is drained when you charge other devices as your laptop is running on the battery.

4. Reduce programs running in the background

Programs which run automatically in the background significantly lower the battery life. When running the laptop on battery, remember to shut down all the programs which are not important.

5. Clean the battery contacts regularly

Your battery’s metal contacts need to be cleaned as often as possible. This can be done by wiping them with rubbing alcohol. Regular cleaning of the metal contacts ensures more efficient transfer of power from the battery.

6. Increase the RAM

Increasing the RAM will enable you to use up more of the laptop’s memory, instead of depending on virtual memory. The disadvantage of virtual memory is that it less power efficient and uses much of the hard drive. However, you need to note that increasing the RAM will result in more energy consumption. Therefore, this should only be done when you need to run programs which are memory-intensive.

7. Take care of the battery

Batteries work best when used regularly. Avoid leaving a charged battery unused for a long time. Once charged, make sure you use the laptop battery not less than twice in a month. In addition, you should not allow the battery to run out of charge completely.


8. Avoid multitasking

When running on battery, it is advisable to do one thing at a time. Instead of allowing email to run in the background, working on a Word document and listening to online radio, focus on one thing only. Multitasking will only end up draining your batteries very fast.

9. Keep the temperatures down

Your laptop works better when it is cooler. Use a keyboard cleaner or cloth to clean out your air vents as often as possible. In addition, avoid placing it on the laps for a long time since this blocks the air vents.

10. Don’t standby, hibernate

Putting a laptop in standby enables you to resume immediately where you left off. Though it does save some power, it doesn’t save as much as the hibernate function. Placing your laptop in hibernate mode shuts it down completely, while saving your current tasks.

11. Don’t demand too much from your laptop

The more you demand, the faster your battery will be drained. Passive tasks like word processing and checking email don’t use as much power as playing a DVD or gaming. Therefore, before undertaking any task, make sure your priorities are right.

12. Turn off the autosave feature

MS-Excel’s and Word’s autosave features are useful for saving your information at regular intervals. However, this feature makes your hard drive work very hard, thus using up much power. It is therefore advisable to turn off this function as often as possible.

13. Buy an efficient laptop

Nowadays, laptop manufacturers are producing more efficient laptops. You could therefore consider replacing your aging laptop with a newer, more efficient model.

If Something New then let us know in following comment box. 😉  Hope the above steps help you extract that extra bit of juice from your laptop’s battery so that you can enjoy more out of it !

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