Dropbox users are getting baited by phishing email attacks

Security 7 May , 2015  


Cyber criminals are targeting Dropbox users with some fake email which attracts users to click on some links to download urgent and highly confidential documents which in turn redirects to a webmail account for a phishing scam.The page enfolds into various clickable icons such as Gmail , Yahoo, Outlook.

Phishing is one method they can use to trick you. Most phishing attacks start with a spoof email that appears like it’s from a service you already use or a person you trust. Some phishing attacks you should watch out for include:

  • emails that ask you to reply with your username/email and password
  • emails with links to fake login or password reset pages
  • emails with links to view or download a file from someone you don’t know
  • emails that mention a current event, entice you with a prize or deal that is too good to be true, or pretend that there’s an urgent reason for you to respond or click on a link
  • links on social network posts or comments that lead to fake login or password reset pages
  • targeted attacks that appear like they’re from someone you know or includes personal information to get you to respond or click on a link

Malware is another sophisticated way to steal your email addresses, passwords or completely take over your computer. There are many types of malware out there: keystroke loggers, spyware,ransomware, scareware, adware, trojan horses, worms. Some really sneaky malware can be installed through a drive-by-download, just be visiting a website, viewing an e-mail message or by clicking on a pop-up window.

These, and hundreds of attacks like them, are designed to fool you into giving up information or doing something to reduce the security of your accounts or devices.

Clicking on the fake email login, will redirect to another bogus email login page. The cyber criminals will misuse your login information and password and run your account for spam purposes.

If these kind of traps from hackers reach you better be aware of this and stay away from clicking the links provided, I would suggest to see the URL, it must be the same as dropbox or any https:// URLs.


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