Coming soon: PHP 7, Are you ready PHP’ers – What do you expect?

Trending 13 May , 2015  


In case you didn’t hear yet – PHP 7 is coming soon (release planned for October),  making it quite possibly the quickest major version in PHP’s history. While it’s still alpha quality, PHP 7 is shaping up really nicely. And you can help make it better.

As many of you are probably aware, the RFC I mentioned in my PHP 5.0.0 timeline passed with PHP 7 being the agreed upon name for the next major version of PHP.

Regardless of your feelings on this topic, PHP 7 is a thing, and it’s coming this year! With the RFC for the PHP 7.0 Timeline passing almost unanimously (32 to 2), we have now entered into feature freeze, and we’ll see the first release candidate (RC) appearing in mid June.

But what does this mean for you? Won’t a major version bring huge backwards compatibility breaks and make that move even slower?

The answer to that is: it depends.

A number of language edge cases have been cleaned up. Additionally, both performance and inconsistency fixes have been major focuses for this release.

You can test your code using PHP 7 vagrant box and start running your test suites, or performing your regular QA. Report bugs to the project, and try again regularly. In fact, 100-percent-plus performance improvements have been seen in version 7,

Version 7 is based on an abstract syntax tree. Return types in PHP 7 feature a syntax to, for example, specify that a function returns an array. Strict types are offered as well.

Basically, strict types, if you turn them on, are super, super strict. It has to be the correct type,” Lerdorf said.



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