Add Better Pagination in Your WordPress Website

Open Source 7 Sep , 2013  


One of our readers recently asked us how do we add numeric pagination on the Codesupport blog page. Default WordPress themes and many other themes display pagination links by adding Older posts and Newer Posts links at the bottom of your WordPress archive pages. However, there are many WordPress sites that uses numeric pagination, like WPBeginner. From our experience, numeric pagination is more user friendly, attractive, and SEO friendly.




Adding Numeric Pagination in WordPress using WP-PageNavi

Now let’s take a look at how to add numeric pagination in your WordPress theme by using an existing plugin called WP-PageNavi. First thing you need to do is install and activate WP-PageNavi plugin. After activating the plugin go to Settings » PageNavito configure the plugin settings.



If you want to change how the colors and style of numeric pagination in wp-pagenavi looks, then you would need to go to Settings » PageNavi. Uncheck the option to use Use pagenavi-css.css and save changes. Now go to Plugins » Editor. From Select plugin to edit drop down menu, select WP-PageNavi and click on theSelect button. The editor will load plugin files in the right hand sidebar. Click on pagenavi-css.css to open it in editor and then copy the contents of the file.


We hope that this article helped you add and display numeric pagination in your WordPress theme. Which method do you prefer to use? Do you like the numeric pagination or do you prefer the built-in previous/next navigation? Let us know in the comments below.

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