8 WhatsApp Alternatives for Smartphones

Trending 27 Mar , 2013  



Whats App is getting very famous these days,  Are you a user of the messaging app WhatsApp?

For iOS users, using WhatsApp required a one-time $0.99 fee while Android users get to use it for free, but only for a year. After the first trial year, Android users need to pay an annual fee of $0.99 for the service.

If you really don’t  like paying for messaging apps, I have something for you, 10 awesome alternative free messaging apps you can try.

1. Viber

Viber for lets you use your iPhone make free calls and send free text and photo messages to other Viber users, on any device, network and country!

Platforms: iOS | Android | Windows Phone | BlackBerry | Nokia | Bada


2. LiveProfile

LiveProfile is also a very good option and as it starts with your email registration and you have the ability to add your phone number where other users can find and contact you. You will have a LiveProfile PIN,which lets you share that PIN to others without giving them your phone number.

Platforms: iOS | Android | BlackBerry




Another choice, and one of the good options in the lane, An advantage of LINE is that it allows you to reply to messages by installing a PC or MacOS program and ,provided you register your number with an email account.

Besides text messaging, you can call other LINE contacts through the app with an Internet connection. Basically LINE registers your phone number into its database where you can then connect with your phone contacts who are LINE users.

Platforms: iOS | Android | Windows Phone | BlackBerry


4. KakaoTalk Messenger

KakaoTalk Messenger allow you to group chats, send pictures,or audio notes, and also share contact information too.. it uses your mobile phone number to send you a 4-digit verification code when you register for an account. It then goes through your contacts to find for other KakaoTalk users, similar to how WhatsApp does it.

Platforms: iOS | Android | Windows Phone | BlackBerry



5. Facebook Messenger

Every body knows Facebook has already lauched the Facebook Messenger app for both iOS and Android, which  has been around for some time now and since you’re connected to most of the friends you want to communicate with, Facebook Messenger can be a great WhatsApp replacement.

But there is one drawback which is that you can’t communicate with the friends, who are not in your facebook friend list

Platforms: iOS | Android | BlackBerry


6. Skype

Unlike WhatsApp, you’ll have to approve contacts before you can start sending messages but its reliability and stability makes it a suitable replacement and a good option to be in my list.

Platforms: iOS | Android | Windows Phone | BlackBerry


7. ChatON

By Samsung its a basic messaging app with no calling features. You can sign in with your Samsung account or skip the process and just enter your name. Verify your phone number and the app will start checking all your contacts to see if any of them are on ChatON. The chat is on when you find fellow ChatON users.

Platforms: iOS | Android | Windows Phone | BlackBerry


8. WeChat

WeChat is very famous in China, Similar with WhatsApp on registration process, you start by entering your phone number. An SMS will follow, giving you the verification code. You can then connect your Facebook and email account to let people find you more easily.

Platforms: iOS | Android | Windows Phone | BlackBerry | Nokia


So friends, if you don’t want to spent your money on what’s app, those were some suggestions from my side… check them out !

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