8 Ways to Boost Your System Boot Speed

Trending 21 Apr , 2013  


computer speedI am talking about Windows, Do you have it? Most of our time you may just sit in front of your system and wait and watch the process things you really don’t understand… No worries, I am gonna show you some tips to boost your system’s boot timings, Have look over it…


1.  Clean out Programs that launch on startup

You can do this by putting “msconfig” command at your “Run” Window ,  This is one of the most tried and really a true way to keep your system much faster at booting stage because huge list of “Startup” programs is always a reason for increased boot time, while installing new programs they may automatically set there initializations to run or start when the system gets on.

Clean out Programs that launch at startup

So You will have to find these hidden programs and services and need to disable, those are neither essential for us, nor for the system too..

2. Change Your Boot Menu’s Timeout Values

If your system is in  dual-booting option, then your boot menu probably has a “timeout value”, meaning the amount of time it waits for you to make a selection before it just boots into the default OS. On Windows, this timeout value is often 30 seconds, which is a long time to wait if you aren’t looking directly at your screen.

Change Your Boot Menu's Timeout Values

To change this timeout value,  Go to “Run” and type “msconfig” , now open “Boot” tab there will be timeouts, you may decease it from here…

3. Turn On Fast Start-up on WINDOWS8

So here is a new feature of WINDOWS 8, It allows us to make a speed boot up process, to turn this feature on you need to open “Control panel” and go to “Power Options” Now select the option saying “Choose what the power buttons do”, from the subsequent page check the check box saying “Turn on Fast Start-up”.

As this is new Feature of Windows 8, People are liking it very much because it automatically keeps track of the activities which are not being used so far.

4. Pause Services You really don’t need

This is one of the strongest reason of your long Boot Time because Windows Start is the number of services that are running at background.  Apart from those Visible Services that you’ve disabled from Start-Up, services like Media Player File Sharing, Printer Spooler services are of not necessary all the time.

Pause Services you really don't need

So its always better to disable these type of services that are affecting Start-Up. For this, Press Win+R and on “Run” Dialogue box, write “msconfig” and press enter, now go to “Services” tab and disable them

Notice, that its recomended that you hit on a checkbox says “Hide all Microsoft Services” for any accidental changes that affect your system configurations setting…

5. Clean your startup folder

This is a kinda of Manual and very easy thing you can do, Cleaning the startup folder is an effective way to speed up the boot time. what you need to do is to navigate to this folder location
 C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Now find some program shortcuts which are not needed or not so essential and delete them and by doing this, the deleted program will be removed from startup list and will remain in your system and can be accessed manually.

7. Give Your Computer a Static IP

When you first start up your computer, it spends a significant amount of time asking the network for an IP address. You can get rid of this process altogether by giving your computer a static IP address that never changes. Not only does this make your network easier to manage (since each computer will always have the same IP address), but it can shave a bit more time off your startup.

Give Your Computer a Static IP

5. Delete Temporary Files and Clear Buffer Memory

Deleting the temporary files like the ones stored by the internet browsers is a nice tip to speed up the boot. And there are number of places you may find these files to delete…

Open your “Run” box, by “WIN+R” type “temp” , select all files and hit on delete button and click OK.

again Open Your “Run” box and type “%temp%” , again select all files and hit delete button and click OK,

third way to do this is this time type “prefetch” and select all files and delete them.

Now go to My Computer and select properties of the drive that contains the operating system by right clicking on it. And in the properties window, you can see an option named, Disk Cleanup, click on it and hit OK.

8. Disable Startup Services

There are many services which will run in background and are sometimes of no use. Hence, deleting these services will result in a flying booting. So let’s find some unnecessary services and get those disabled.

Disable Startup Services

To do that, Go to your Start icon and open the RUN box, enter services.msc and press enter. Now a box with a list of applications will be opened, choose which all are not essential and disable by right clicking on them.

So friends, Enjoy your windows, by making your system boot faster 🙂