7 Most Promising Smartphone Apps Predictions For 2013

Trending 25 Mar , 2013  


Apps must be smart, intuitive and user centric in a big way. Smartphones will find an increasing use in almost all industry verticals. Bearing this in mind, Let’s take a look at the 10 promising smartphone predictionsof 2013:

Re-shaping Content


Cutting-edge mobile technology will enable better quality recording of videos and content curation. It will eliminate the need of having bulky cameras or video-recorders.

Smartphones will revolutionize content creation and sharing for an optimum viewing experience. A great opportunity for content strategist, to gather, organize and distribute content via a faster medium.

Long Lasting Batteries

long-lasting-batteryThe battery consumption of a smartphone depends primarily on its usage. There are phones that can easily handle extra work-loads with ease. With fierce competition in smartphone development, companies are striving hard to beat the present 10-hour battery life.

2013 may see phones with extended battery life of up to 12 hour, that is almost half the day. This will set a significant bench-mark for companies to build highly competitive products for their users.

Smartphone Payments Will Be a Norm

payment-normWith advancements such as NFC, smartphone payments will sooner or later be a part and parcel of our everyday existence. This is no doubt an encouraging change for retailers who want to create faster and better option for its customers.

For users, it will be a great change from the traditional modes of payment. Companies can look forward to better promotion and sales with the upcoming adoption of smartphone billing.

Large Screen Views

large-screen-sizeDon’t be surprised to see screen sizes stretching up to 6 inches. Players like Samsung have already taken the first step in this direction with its 5.9 inch screen of its Galaxy Note III. This is a welcome shift from the age-old reasoning of small is better. Bigger screens promise to offer an enhanced and enriching viewing user experience.

Improved Audio Recording

sound-qualityNew age smartphones will let you pick up everything that falls on your ears with improved quality. Visit a conference, class lecture, or just about anything you may easily record for your personal or professional use.

Interestingly, it will make people more responsible with what they think and say. As for businesses, the technology will create smarter and quicker ways to work thus, improving productivity.

Advertising Will Get a Make-Over

mobile-advertisingSmartphone innovation has created even more opportunities for companies to advertise their brand. With paid and free versions of the apps companies can approach their target audience at any time, any place.

Hike in digital revenue system will force companies to re-think their advertising formats, making it more intuitive and optimized for better consumption by its intended users.

3D Printing Is The Next Big thing

3D printing have started to show its over-whelming presence in the market. The integration of smartphones and 3D printing will be a more viable and maybe successful merger of 2013. This merger of technologies will help businesses to break-out of their routine and discover new possibilities of growth and development.

As per a report , 1.82 billion smartphones are expected worldwide in 2013. On an average each smartphone runs 41 apps with more than 1.5 million apps are available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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