7 Internet bad habits you must quit today

Tricknology 19 Nov , 2014  


Internet Bad Habbit

Some or our internet bad habits is just increasing the risk of our personal information, So, time to get your act right by getting rid of these 7 horrible Internet bad habits.

Before being guilty of it, we must start giving our attention to these things because they are easier and more convenient for us in future.


1. Using same password for everything & Never changing your password

Imagine if a hacker happens to obtain one of your passwords, s/he will be able to access your entire digital life. This is probably the most common mistake people do these days because there are so many things to manage… if you are having problem with managing passwords, you can use some password management apps like Pass, Dashlane etc…

And in the same way you should not keep your passwords even for months.. Microsoft suggests that you change your passwords every 30 to 90 days to be safe.


2. Ignoring installing important updates

Software updates specially for your mobile phones, usually come with fixes for bugs that could either be slowing your phone down or making it susceptible to security vulnerabilities.

So, when you see that notification warning you that a new update is ready, don’t put it off.


3. Forgetting to delete photos, music from phone

Every once in a while, we must make a habit of cleaning out the old photos which we don’t use or see in your Gallery or Camera or I am also talking about music too, which really eats up much more space on our phone actually than photos.

You can always back up these files to an online cloud service if you run out of iCloud storage, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.


4. Do you always Hibernate your Computer?

Keeping your computer in sleep or standby mode constantly won’t pose any real damage to your computer, but it will slow it down, This is what I personally suggest you that giving your computer a good restart is the best way to keep away from background processes that make a computer very slow..


5. Checking Mobile phones before going to bed

According to American Chemical Society, the blue light of your mobile phone or other devices emits really tricks your body into thinking that it’s already morning.

So as we all know that artificial light is believe to be one of the biggest causes of sleep deprivation in modern society, and this can lead to mess with your sleep cycle according to ACS.


6. Not using two-step authentication to protect important accounts

In the age of sophisticated hacks and vulnerabilities such as the Heartbleed bug, it’s important to set up extra protection for your online accounts. Services such as Gmail and Dropbox offer two-step authentication.

Two-step authentication prevents hackers from logging into your account even if they have your password.


7. Forgetting Sign Out of Applications and Devices

In daily life these days, It’s crucial to remember to log out of these devices and clear your browser history when you’re finished in your offices, colleges, or web cafes.

Google, Facebook, and Skype all offer handy tutorials on how to logout of other devices remotely.

But If possible, avoid logging into really critical accounts such as your banking account on any computer but your own.

Let me know which bad habit do you have  in the comments below !

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