6 Most Powerful WordPress Plugins To Increase Email Subscribers

Tricknology 23 Nov , 2014  


Bloggers also serve interesting information to make those subscribers to make them stay at their mailing list. While doing this, they embed their website’s link, affiliate links and sometime advertisements to make benefits from those reader and keep them visiting their websites.


So in that way, providing email subscription helps bloggers. More subscribers will increase the number of your mailing list and hence lets you to target high quality readers and notify them about your latest product, updates, etc.

As many bloggers are struggling to increase the size of their mailing list so today, I am sharing some very powerful wordpress plugins that will help you to boost your email subscribers and RSS readers.

1. WP Leads

WP Leads provides you option to put the check-box ticked by default so that your readers will not need to do any additional task. Simple though very effective plugin for WordPress blogs, WP Leads adds a small check-box at WordPress registration and comment form which ask users to join your mailing list, without filling any additional details. It can easily integrate with MailChimp, Constant Contact, and SalesForce.com to add the subscribers to pre-configured mailing list at these mailing services.


2. Commenter Emails

If you’ve not used any above options to increase the size of your mailing list from simple comment form then still you have option to make those earlier commenter your email subscribers.

Commenter Emails provide you one-click feature to download email addresses of all earlier commenters of your blog with there names and optionally website’s URL in CSV file format. All email addresses are unique. This CSV file can be easily imported to email service for increasing the number of email subscribers.

But, as you’ve added all your commenters to your mailing list without asking them, it would be better to ask them if they want to stay in your mailing list or not.

3. What Would Seth Godin Do

One opportunity that is underused id the idea of using cookies to treat returning visitors differently than newbies and this plugin tries to utilize this feature effectively. The plugin lets you to display a custom welcome message to new visitors and another to return visitors.


Your welcome message appears before (or after) each post for the specified length of time.

You can put your RSS Feed, Email Subscription Form, Facebook Page, Twitter Handler’s link to boost your conversion rate. Moreover, you can configure the plugin so that it will show a message to a limited number of times to new readers, location of message (above post, below post, custom location) and exclude pages.

4. Comment Redirect

Getting original comments from quality readers quite difficult. And, if you get one, you then have a engaged reader to your blog that you don’t want to lose. So utilizing comment form to get email subscribers always works.


You can go beyond this tactics by using comment redirect plugin. After commenting,  plugin redirects your first-time commenters to a pre-configured page which you can use to thank your readers for comment, telling them benefits to stay connected with your blog and providing other easy options to subscribe your blog.

5. Convert Visitors with gorgeous Opt-in forms

Call to Action approach is very effective in telling visitors what to do next. OptinSkin uses the same call to action approach and helps you to create clear and effective Call to Action forms based on design that can convert your quality readers and visitors. From the provided tools, you can create effective, stylish and powerful CTA buttons to gain more subscribers.


OptinSkin Sample Form

You can track impressions, signups, conversion for each of your blog posts. You can also do split-testing, add fade effect to your form to make it work in a much powerful way.

6. Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription


If you website covers lots of niche topics, it may happen that a reader is interested in getting updates only from specific categories. So, this wordpress plugin adds category specific RSS feed subscription menu to post, pages and sidebar. Hence it help readers to subscribe to only concerned categories and lets you to gain even more subscribers.