10 Best Platform for Generating Strong, Meaningful and most Proficient Passwords

Security 27 Mar , 2013  


Passwords are our digital locks that protects our privacy and confidential documents and details. From Facebook to ATMs, PC to Mobile Phones, Offline, Online everywhere, passwords plays very important role.

There are two types of Passwords –

1. First, Pronounceable Passwords which are easy to remember and

2.Second, Random Passwords which are very tough to remember.

Though both the types of passwords are equally effective but generally, Random Passwords are taken as much powerful.

In this post, you’ll find 10 online Best Platform to generate pronounceable and random passwords quickly and easily.What’s awesome is that all the online password generators featured on this list are not only free; we don’t even need to sign up or subscribe to any of them.

1. Pass Creator

So This is a very straightforward password generator, which requires you to specify the exact password length you want, and whether you want it pronounceable or hard-to-crack random. Customize your random password by ticking any of the 7 options (you can select more than one).

Pass Creator


2. Password Boy

Arguably the easiest to use, this online tool is for those looking for a quick password with the least hassle.


3. Secure Password Generator

Hugh’s tip to an easy-to-remember random password was to come up with a memorable phrase, or better, a song’s name; snag off the first letter of every word, spice it up with some punctuations and replace letters with look-alike numbers.

4. Password Bird

Password Bird basically creates passwords by combining parts of words and numbers meaningful to you, so it can be random and yet uniquely memorable for you.
Password Bird

5. New Password Generator

If you’re opting for something you can memorise easily, all you need to do is decide how many letters and numbers you want in the password, and if you want the digits before the letters. Otherwise, customize your password further with upper-case letters and symbols.
New Password Generator

6. Password Chart

The Password Chart is a witty way to generate secret codes like how we did it back in high school. Firstly, generate the password chart by typing in a phrase (preferably a funny one you’ll remember).
Password Chart

7. DinoPass

Get a simple, catchy password with only lowercase letters and numbers (not so recommended) or a stronger and yet pronounceable password.
password gernerator

8. Phonetic Password Generator

OK, this one seems like a straightforward one. Consonants will remain, but the vowels might be replaced by numbers and symbols.

9. LittleLite Password Generator

LittleLite Password Generator is direct and quick. Just tick any of the character sets you want in your password, specify the password length, and generate.

10. Online Password Generator

Lets you choose whether to completely exclude ambiguous characters (i,I,1, etc) or even include specific symbols. Although the password generated would not be easily pronounceable, if you want something that is easier to remember, you can tweak the pronouncing options to ‘Normal’.


So Friends be safe and make your password very strong, even for the password broker softwares 🙂